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New Retail Locations


      People all over, especially at the tasting (Try Before You Buy) Events/Festivals & Fairs, are asking where can I get this Amazing Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauce?   Well, here on our website, of course, but below is a list of retailers that are starting to care our Amazing Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauce.  We're growing quickly, so check back soon!

Blue Ribbon Country Store
1701 Frontage Rd. off Hwy. 181, Beeville, TX 78102
Danny Gomez, General Manager of the Blue Ribbon Country Store in Beeville, TX is All over our Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauce.  After we secured this location & did our First Tasting, "Try It, Before You Buy It!" in March 2018, and just starting out with The Original Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauce(Yellow Label)8oz. & 12oz. & Bohemian Rhapsody Tropical Pardise(Blue Label) 8oz. & 17oz. & then after our April 2018 Tasting, he saw the light (SALES) & picked up lour Full Line of Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauces Flavors & Sizes.  These is Our #2 Retail Location in Texas!!
Meat Market & Grocery
9004 South Camino Real (TX Hwy. 21)
 Uhland (East Buda), TX 78640
Owner, Craig Fuller picked us up in May of this year & we did our first Famous Tasting, "Try It, Before You Buy It!" on Saturday, May 26, 2018. We had phenomenal results, with 32 people trying & sold 26 bottles!  At this location, for now, you can only buy The Original Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauce (Yellow Label) 8oz. & Bohemian Rhapsody Tropical Paradise BBQ Sauce (Blue Label) 8oz.  We should be getting 17oz. in the Bohemian Rhapsody Tropical Paradise soon.  Very soon!
He was one of the first retail vendors who tasted our delicious Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauce and wanted to carry it right away.
6715 RR 620, Austin, TX 78732
       After Eggfest 2016, Mr. Bob Carroll, Owner of BBQ Outfitters, said, "Let's do this, I want your sauce in My main store up here in Austin, TX", So they carry The Original (Yellow Label, Spicy) Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauce, 8oz & 12oz, the Bohemian Rhapsody Tropical Paradise (Blue Label, Sweet) BBQ Sauce, 8oz & 17oz & then they also carry the Bohemian Rhapsody Black Betty (Black/Rattlesnake Label)8oz (you can order the 17oz on-line). 
The Original Chick's
Prime Meat Market
4400 Hwy. 281 North
Spring Branch, TX 78070
     Brandon Chick, Owner of Chick's Prime Meat Market was at a Customer Appreciation Day @ BBQ Outfitters in San Antonio, TX, when he tasted my Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauces, he said, "We're opening up a new Meat Market in the Bulverde/Spring Branch Area & I want your sauces in my store." We did a  tasting on June 10, 2017, 35 people tried it, 25 bought it & 5 people bought multiple bottles!
4519 Loop 1604 West,
San Antonio, TX 78249
      We did a tasting  here on Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015.  It did so well, the Manager, Nikki Lindner, picked us up on the spot.  Now they Carry The Original Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauce (Yellow Label) in 8oz & 12oz, Bohemian Rhapsody Tropical Paradise(Blue Label) BBQ Sauce, 8oz & 17oz AND also our Bohemian Rhapsody What Tha..!! BBQ Sauce (Flame Label) 12oz.
Tuttle's Grocery Store
& Meat Market
214 Second St.,
Woodsboro, TX 78393
Stanley Tuttle, Owner & Family Friend, picked us up Nov. 2016.  The First Tasting at this tiny location, we Sold 23 bottle in 2.5 hours!!   Stanley thought he was losing out, so he created he own bbq sauce that's not healthy & didn't reorder ours!
D & D Texas Outfitters
516 IH-10 East, Seguin, TX 78155
         D & D Texas Outfitters was the 1st place pick up Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauce.  They carried The Original in 8oz & 12oz & BR Tropical Paradise 8oz & 17oz.  We were over by the Yeti Cooler Display.  Because of a change in management, we're No longer at this location.
The Cooking Depot
in Cuero, TX
          We were @ The Greater Victoria Quilt Guild Show, March 18 & 19, 2016 & Mrs. Annette Rath, Owner of the Cooking Depot sampled our Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauces (The Original & Tropical Paradise) & told me, "She wanted My bbq sauces in Her Store".  Cool!   There again, the son is now running the store & had "a change in direction to what product he wanted to carry", 
Schott's Meat Market
in Helotes, TX
     We got into Schott's Meat Market in Helotes, TX on March 13, 2020 & did our first tasting the very next day.  It was CRAZY busy that day, because it was the First Weeend of the CoVid-19 (Corona Virus) Weekend!  87% of the people who tried us that day bought on the spot.  We Sold Out 4 of our 6 Flavors.  Despite running OUT Of STOCK  SEVEN (7) TIMES during the pandemic, twice on The Original, twice on Twistedly Hot, Once on Black Betty, What Tha..!! & MangNero BBQ Sauces, Without Any Tastings, Mike Schott's the Owner, thought that Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauce didn't sell very well & wanted to sell Coke products on our shelf space.  Oh well, Coca-Cola has deeper pockets than we do.  I guess he only cares about $$ & not his customers or their health.
Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods
in North San Antonio
& New Braunfels, Texas
       In the Larger Stores, we'll be in the Deli Coolers & the Other stores look for our display stand & Mini Frig. in the grocery section near the other bbq sauces.
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