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Here are the answers to a couple of frequently asked questions about Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauce to help you pick the right flavor to best please your palate.


How Do I Place An Order?​​

​It's easy.  Just go to the order page, click on the item you want, pick the the number of bottles you want, the go to check out.  If you have any problems, feel free to call us.  We'll walk you though the easy process.


Payment & Shipping
Payment of our delicious Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauce is easy also.  Pick your favorite credit/debt card(the one with the most space on it).   Pick the different types of Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauce you want along with the number of cases/bottles.  Fill in the info. BAM!  We're shipping it to you the next day United States Postal Service!​  When ya get it put int in the frig. right way.


Returns/Damaged Goods & Refunds

    Ok.  Ever shipped anything through the mail?  Duh.  Sometimes, even though we pack it the best we can, bottles can & do get broken or damaged.​  No problem for you though.  Just pick up the phone & call us or shoot us an email and will replace the product, first time for free, Second time pay shipping & handling, Third time, I want the name of your postal carrier & the city you live in, I need to talk to that person!


Is Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauce Really Diabetic Safe?

​  Of Course it is or we couldn't say so.  All our products have been food grade tested by the FSNS (Food Safety Net Services).  That's where we get the information on the ingredients we use, how much is in each product, etc.  The Original Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauce (Yellow Label), has only 40 calories/seving=2 TBSP, 2g of Sugar & 150mg of sodium(salt).

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