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          Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauce started in my backyard in San Antonio, TX.    HI! I'm Miles Havelka, Owner & Creator of Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauce.  It started with a simple request by my beautiful, fiance at the time, Sheila, to add sauce to my BBQing.  I bought a bottle of a popular brand at the time and lathered it on my meat, since I cook with real mesquite & oak wood on an open flame, the meat in a matter of seconds caught fire.  This kinda ticked me off, because I take a lot of time to marinate my meat 10-12 hours before it even sees the pit.  I spoke to my Dad, Marvin W. Havelka, and he told me it was because of the sugar in the sauce & that's what was catching my meat on fire.  So, the quest began.   How hard would it be to find a BBQ sauce without any sugar or HFCS.  It's extemely hard & almost impossible to find until now.  So, I thought, why?  Why is there so much sugar & HFCS in everything?   So, I set out to make my own sauce.   How hard can it be, right?  Well, on my 7th try, I made what is now the Original Flavor (Yellow Label) of Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauce, "So Good... It Makes Your Mouth Sing !".  Sheila liked it along with hundreds of others, but she wanted something sweeter tasting, but not sappy sweet.  Got it, so I made Bohemian Rhapsody Tropical Paradise BBQ Sauce, "A  Luau of Flavor in Every Bite!"(Blue/Palm Tree Label) for her and on the first try too!  Then came Bohemian Rhapsody Black Betty BBQ Sauce, "Whatch It! She Bites!"(Black/Snake Label), because I know a lot of people like the Twang of a good BBQ Sauce.  I had East Coast/Carolina Vinegar based & Georgia/Mustard based sauces before & I didn't like the way they tasted or looked in a jar/bottle, so I put my own Texas Twist on it.  So speaking of twists, then came Bohemian Rhapsody Twistedly Hot BBQ Sauce, "A Tornado of Flavor in Every Bite!"(Green/Tornado Label).  It's not that hot folks, but it is a nice blend of the spiciness with a little heat.  I had a friend come over who was going through a rough patch with his wife, so I was listen to his problems as I was working on this new flavor.  He tried a bite & said, that's hot.  then he took another bite with even more BBQ sauce on it and then said, that's so hot it's twisted.  Tada!  I'm most proud of this flavor because I have a friend who works at the Post Office & she likes Bohemian Rhapsody Tropical Paradise, and she asked if I had any BBQ Sauce that was a little hotter for her son.  I gave her a small sample & she said, her son & his buddies were fighting over it.  Little did I know, that he is in the Army & his Unit is over in Kandahar, Afghanistan.  They loved Bohemian Rhapsody Twistedly Hot BBQ Sauce so much they will take it with them on maneuvers.  They wanted something hotter, so I made Bohemian Rhapsody What Tha..!! BBQ Sauce, "Some Like It Hot!"(Flame Label).   We also make Bohemian Rhapsody MangoNero BBQ Sauce "So Good, Your Tongue Will Slap Your Brain!" (Orange/Skull Label).

     Alll of Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauce(s) are LOW Calories, LOW Carbs., LOW Sodium(Salt), LOW Sugar, NO HFCS--high Fructose Corn Syrup.  And Taste!?  We Beat the Top 5 selling bbq sauces in almost any market 6-1 & we Beat the #1 selling bbq sauce in head 2 head taste test 8-1!!

     So now, you can enjoy your favorite bbq meat with a bbq sauce, Bohemian Rhapsody BBQ Sauce, that's go your back on Taste, Flavor, Calories, Carbs. & Your Health!

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