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BR 16oz Tropical Paradise (Blue Label)

BR 16oz Tropical Paradise (Blue Label)

    Bohemian Rhapsody Tropical Paradise, "A Luau of Flavor in Every Bite!" is our "sweet" sauce.  It's not sappy sweet & has a small hint of flavor(spicy)to it.  It's Really good on chicken & pork meat, but people have used it on beef, pizza & rice(Hey, they must really like this stuff!)
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    This comes in an 17oz bottle, that is recyclable through our Go Green Program. All ingredients & components (bottle, label, cap, etc.) are made in the USA. Shake well before using, refrigerate after. Good 30-45 days after opening(if you keep it this long, you're not eating enough Bohemian Rhapsody Tropical Paradise BBQ Sauce, LOL!)
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